Magic Rush: Heroes Cheats and Tips

Welcome back to our gaming blog, today we are going to talk about Magic Rush: Heroes Cheats and how you can achieve better star ratings in dungeons or normal levels with it.

First of let’s discuss some basics of the game. Magic Rush: Heroes is another RPG which is pretty similar to games we already talked about like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes or DC Legends. The only difference is that you have other characters to collect and in addition to this you have even more game modes to choose from.

Tips and Tricks

1. Strengthen your Heroes

Heroes will automatically level up by completing levels but to keep them strong enough you will need to make further improvements on them. By completing levels you will have the chance to find runes, these is a type of item which can be used to upgrade your heroes and unlock new skills.

Once you equipped all the necessary items you can find a promote button in the characters menu. After pressing It all runes will drop to zero but it will get a permanent stats boost.

Find the runes faster by taking a look at the equipment screen. You will only have to press on the rune and you will be shown where to find it.

2. Connect to Facebook

Magic Rush: Heroes gives huge benefits to people that connect their accounts. Your friends can easily send you stamina and you can also recruit new players and get stunning rewards. If you know some of your friends love mobile RPGs see this as your chance to get free rewards by sending them an invitation. Like the Magic Rush Heroes page here.

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3. Complete Quests and Achievements

When you have nothing else to do in Magic Rush Heroes it is always a good idea to complete some quests or unlock achievements. These things always come with rewards that will help you leveling or powering up your heroes which is always a must.

By pressing the “To Do” button you can easily find a list of quests and achievements. Nevertheless there still is a Quests menu which gives you more insight by also showing you rewards and other things.

4. Open your chests every day

In Magic Rush Heroes there is a thing called wishing pool as you surely know. Each day you will have the chance to open 5 gold chests for free and get rewarded with runes, heroes and other items. Every two days you will be able to open a diamond chest which includes mostly rare heroes, runes and other items.

5. Replay Levels with low scores

If you can find any levels with 2 stars or less than you should replay them. By doing so you will be able to earn some extra experience points, elixir and also runes. Furthermore you need a certain amount of stars to unlock some champions so it is always a good thing to collect them.

Replaying these easy levels might cost you some stamina but the earnings you will get are making it worth it. These things will help you with leveling up your heroes as you will find one or the other needed rune in such levels.

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Magic Rush Heroes Cheats

Now we come to the more advanced part. You can feel free to combine the above tips with the benefits of using the Magic Rush: Heroes Cheats. This is a free to use online generator which is one of a kind until now. All the powerful features combined into one tool which can give you all available resources no matter how much you will need of them.

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